Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 – Artikel ini membahas Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2, SD/MI, PG dan Essay, semester 1/2, pada tahun 2020-2021, lengkap kunci jawaban, pelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

Bahasa Inggris ,,,Merupakan salah satu mata pelajaran yang mempelajari bahasa yang sering terdengar di dunia maya dan menggunakan bahasa asing untuk memahami bahwa ia dapat menggunakan aplikasi terjemahan.

Ini juga biasa terjadi di kelas sekolah dasar 1, 2, 3 hingga 6.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 2 SD/MI Semester 1 & 2 PG dan Essay

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda:
I. Kerjakanlah soal di bawah ini!
1. I have.
A. Eyes
b. Ear
c. hand
d. nose
Answer: d
2. “t – f – a – e – r – h” ./ The right word is.
a. Father
b. somewhat
c. Fethar
d. Thafer
Answer: a
3. c – u – l – e – n./ The right word is.
a. Uncle
b. Not included
c. Encul
d. cancel
Answer: a
4. “e-e-n-c-i” ./ The right word is.
a. Enice
b. C for one
c. Neeci
d. Niece
Answer: d
5. “r – a – n – d – gm – t – h – o – r – e” The right words are.
a. coward mother
b. grandmother
c. Grand Methor
d. Thank you very much
Answer: b
6. Alden is Cintia.
a. Sister
b. sibling
c. mother
d. father
Answer: a
7. What is Ms. Jenny.
a. He is a police officer
b. He is a student
c. He is a teacher
d. He is a doctor
Answer: d
8. How many sisters does Cintia have.
a. He has four sisters
b. He has two sisters
c. He has a sister
d. He has no sister
Answer: c
9. Is Cintia’s father a pilot.
a. Yes, right
b. No, he does not
c. That is
d. No, not him
Answer: b
10. Thirsty is thirsty, so he takes.
a. Milk
b. an Apple
c. bread
d. Mi
Answer: a
11. Jane is … so she takes fried rice.
a. Angry
b. sleepy
c. hungry
d. thirsty
Answer: c
12. Frieda felt … so she fell asleep.
a. Angry
b. sleepy
c. hungry
d. thirsty
Answer: b
13. Irfan’s bicycle is broken, so he feels.
a. Thirsty
b. hungry
c. sleepy
d. angry
Answer: d
14. Andi: Hey! Good morning./ Ita: … Andi!
a. Good afternoon
b. Good morning
c. Good night
d. Good night
Answer: c
15. Vira: How are you today.? Jay: … I caught a cold.
a. I am not feeling well
b. I am very nice
c. I am doing fine
d. I’m not bad
Answer: a
16. Fahri wants to sleep. Ms. Fahri said.
a. Good morning
b. Good night
c. Good night
d. Good night
Answer: d
17. We have breakfast in.
a. Night
b. That night
c. tomorrow
d. Good afternoon
Answer: c
18. We have lunch at.
a. Night
b. That night
c. tomorrow
d. Good afternoon
Answer: d
This text is for questions number
My name is cintia. I’m eight years old. My mother is Ny. Jenny He is a doctor. My father is Pak Leo. He is a police officer. I have a sister. She is Julia. I have a brother He is Alden. I have a happy family.
19. How old is Cintia.
a. He is seven years old
b. He is eight years old
c. He is nine years old
d. He is ten years old
Answer: b
20. I have two.
a. Nose
b. Eye
c. mouth
d. Neck
Answer: b
Contoh Soal Essay:
1. Arrange the following sentences correctly!
a. It’s my birthday today
b. This bag is -MIC. my-friend-you-who
2. Complete the words below!
3. Public places
a. SC_O_L
b. _ AR_ET
4. Mention at least 3 (three) class objects in English.
Sentences of words:
a. Red
b. big
5. Name three job titles in English!

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